Kristy lives a holistic lifestyle, or at least she tries to!

She prides herself in her ability to look at the big picture in life and raises her kids with that in mind.

Her family lives off-the-grid. They grow their own food, speak their own minds, and they dream really big!

Kristy is Author of the very successful Holistic Thinking Kids Series.

The series consists of books that will encourage your kids to think for themselves, make healthy eating choices, and think positive when it comes to their big dreams!

A note from Kristy:

The Holistic Thinking Blog was originally started to get information out on raising a healthy family in our world today. It’s meant to get you to look at the big picture, and make choices with that in mind. The information on this site is directed at people that care about their health, and the health of their families.

I realized that getting us all to open our eyes a little more and think bigger for the future needs to begin with our kids. This is how the Holistic Thinking Book Series got started! I’ve sold nearly 10,000 books in this first year, and the series is just starting to take off!

I’m looking forward to writing more books in the New Year, and can’t wait to see what another year brings!

Kristy Hammill